Personal Finance – Caffeinated

Jolting For More Jingle Jangle

Reviews March 23, 2010

MSN Money “Young people should learn more about personal finance, and the best way to teach some personal-finance basics just might be to offer a “jolt of personal finance” in an informal setting.”

Compass “In yesterday’s session, Steve emphasized how people in their early twenties today never really talk about money with others, and his goal was that Coffee Cents would offer a causal venue for people to talk about money with others. To me, Coffee Cents was exactly that. Yesterday was truly the first time that I have ever talked about money with others”

BudgetsAreSexy “And as the name implies, he does this brilliantly through local meet-ups at coffee shops 😉 Pretty genius if you ask me – a casual place for a casual talk about money. And a smart freakin’ way to reach out to the younger generation too!”

More to come… (I hope!)


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