Personal Finance – Caffeinated

Jolting For More Jingle Jangle

Participating Bloggers January 14, 2010


The author of Coffee Cents, Stephen Popick, is a longtime personal finance activist.  A contributing author and site administrator for GetRichSlowly.Org, Stephen’s interest in personal finance stems from long talks with his grandfather about the Great Depression.  He works in DC as a government economist, and adamantly denies any involvement in the housing crisis. He also is a DiNK (Double Income – No Kids).  Go Jackets.


Brian is a 25 year old guy living in Washington, DC. In 2007 he received his masters in public policy from American University. He preceeded that degree with a bachelors in marketing from Butler University (Indianapolis, IN).  He has a full time career at a non-profit in the DC area. He also has held additional jobs such as: pizza delivery guy, concierge, hockey scorekeeper, and professional blogger.


Jay has a mohawk, and he loves talking about personal finance.  Did we mention he has a mohawk?


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