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About December 24, 2009

Coffee Cents is a Personal Finance series of 15 minute sessions produced at local coffeehouses for the benefit of the community.  The sessions fit a theme of giving the audience a “jolt” of personal finance  “joe” to jump start better fiscal fitness habits.  Currently the next session of CoffeeCents is planned in conjuction with Georgetown University.

Next Fall we hope to be at least present in Universities and / or Coffeeshops.  Thoughts, advice, opinions are welcome.
Personal Finance blogging is great, but there is a certain inbreeding that goes on.  We need to be pro-active to talk to those who don’t regularly read about personal finance.  Coffeecents is one way to do this.  We invite all interested personal finance bloggers who want to do some community service to jump on board.

Contact Us!

CoffeeCents <Dot> Org <At> Gmail <Dot> Com


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Great idea! Love it!

  2. Valbona Says:

    Fantastic idea. If you want to expand to NYC, let me know.

  3. coffeecents Says:

    Thanks both of you.

    I have plans on pushing this idea out there, but we have to get a better website first and finish the current unit, so we learn what works and what doesn’t. This fall we’ll be looking to start growing!

  4. Jill Says:

    I blog as a staff writer for My Dollar Plan and Moolanomy. I am a Georgetown graduate and on the road toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner. I’m still in the DC area and would love to get involved if you have room for extra people! Please email me if you’re interested.

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