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Tuesday Recap March 24, 2010

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So one thing I was left wondering about after Tuesday’s session was that, how do we get the folks coming to the meeting to express themselves more?  If there are any suggestions on how to get folks to open up, that would be helpful.

We spent time talking about goals (except for Brian, who was WORKING!)  I’m left to wonder how much time we spend planning out our time and how much we float with the wind instead.  I do think its semi-realistic to have an idea of what personal success is for yourself at a young age, though perhaps expressing it requires some truely deep introspection.

One comment not in the powerpoint was that, there are sick days, then there’s an idea of a fiscal fitness day, and I spoke about also taking off personal days, time spent with oneself to realign the goals and checkpoints and destination.

Well, next week will be much more mathy and finance related.  I could make session 2 better if I knew of more awesome resources of goal-setting and financial planning / career / cause finding.


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