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Coffeecents – Unit 2 – Mapping March 23, 2010

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Last week we talked about simplicity, frugality, and basic easy steps to budgeting.  Mentioned was the “Latte Factor” and I’d thought I’d demonstrate it today by looking at my breakfast at my desk.  Yogurt from Costco (15 cents?), Bulk Oatmeal  (15 cents?) and a mug of coffee just brewed by my awesome coffee club member  (yes, in an office of 75 people, only 2 of us brew coffee rather than go to Starbucks).  If I went downstairs to buy these instead, the oatmeal would be 2 bucks, the yogurt 1.5, and the coffee 2.  Yeah, it’s 5 dollars a day.  But that’s a million when I’m 50 (I’ve had this habit since about age 22).  An additional real (inflation adjusted) million.  For very little effort.  There are many of these tweaks we can do to, with very small steps, dramatically change our future fiscal picture.  Coffeecents encourages creativity.

Tonight, we’ll be veering off, slightly, talking about money, and talking more about planning and goal-setting. There’s still plenty of money talk to be had.   There’s a few more readers now, which is nice, and I’m excited to be hosting tonight’s session.

I think the important statement of tonight is that achieving goals isn’t a passive “Secret”  (bleh).  It’s active management and maintenance.  This applies not just to say, writing a term paper or finishing a work project, but also to our money management, our future plans, etc.

Some comments about the PowerPoints : They’re designed to guide myself and Jay and Brian and the discussants on the topic, but I really try to not follow them too much.  Chalk and talk teaching is quite passe.  We want to be interactive.  You’ll still get plenty from them, but it pays to be there in person.

Unit 2 can be downloaded here


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