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Post-Session 1 Thoughts March 17, 2010

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I’m fairly happy with our first CC with Compass Fellows last night.  I think the powerpoint notes are fairly tight and add good value by pointing to good first steps in budgeting and savings, good programs (free) and good apps.  The theme for the first session was “Simple”

One good question came from the crowd.  I’m terrible with names so I forget this young lady, but she is a sophomore and asked about when she should start budgeting.  She assumes that her income situation will change very much upon graduation and wondering just how useful starting now would be.  That’s a question I hadn’t thought of.  My response was that it was the habit of budgeting that was more important than having an awesome budget, if she was in the habit of budgeting before graduating and jobs and that stuff, it would be that much easier.  Jay from budgetsaresexy stopped by as well, and added that there’s no such thing as a “normal” month in budgeting anyways.

Hung out a bit with Jay and Brian (mynextbuck) afterwards.  One interesting observation.  Brian was a trust fund baby,  Jay came from a middle class background, and I came from lesser means, but here we all were talking about personal finance and learning from each other now.  And we’d all come to very similiar conclusions and philosophies on frugality and money management (though we each differ, the theme is the same).  It was cool hearing Brian and Jay talk about what I was discussing but bringing an entirely different perspective to a similiar point.  Having them added a good bit of value to the discussion, awesome to have them.


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