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Coffeecents – Unit 1 – Simple March 16, 2010

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Tonight at Saxby’s CoffeeHouse in Georgetown the Coffeecents program will start up with about 15 young entrepreneurs from Georgetown University and the Compass Fellowship.  Over the next 4 weeks, a basic outline of personal finance will be drafted and discussed along what I’ve called a “SMART” Strategy.  I’m a sucker for acronyms.

You can download a read-only copy of the first unit’s powerpoint here.

I hope to be able to put up video of this event and the ensuing discussion.

Aside from personal finance bloggers, we don’t really talk about money, how we manage it, what our problems are, etc, even with very close family and friends.  I think that’s a big part of the problem plaguing personal finance education today.  The old chalk and talk system is passe.  I think an introductory system that gets folks talking about how they did this or that, and sharing ideas, will improve education of personal finance and break down the social taboo barrier of talking about money.


2 Responses to “Coffeecents – Unit 1 – Simple”

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  2. coffeecents Says:

    Hey, I loved that phrase “Warren Buffett Lives in a 700,000 dollar house.” I’m using it now.

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