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Haggling January 25, 2010

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There’s an article upcoming in the Washington Post on haggling that I was interviewed for a few weeks ago.  Tomorrow, I’ll be joined by a Post media team to document a “haggling” experience.  It’s not really, haggling, really.  I’m going to go to Best Buy and try to get an I-touch for the price listed on Amazon (199 vs. 183).  Best Buy’s “Online Only Price” is 183, but then they want you to pay a bunch in shipping.  Amazon shipping is free.

Here’s some Cliff Notes I’ve jotted down on Haggling.

1) Do you research before hand.  It took about 3 minutes on Google to find out the lowest price on a I Touch version 3.  Print out your research and keep it with you when you go to your victim (err, store).

2) Don’t be wedding to getting the product.  I’m jealous of my wife’s I-touch (kinky), but honestly, I don’t really really need one right at this instant.  A haggle doesn’t work if you’ve already bought the item with your mind.

3) Be reasonable.  By researching you should know what is a good discount to go for.  I’m going to ask if there are any out of box I-touch’s that are cheaper than the unopened box, but I doubt there will be.  I’m not going to ask for anything more that what I could get elsewhere.  (Note: 16/199=8% discount.  I might try for a 10%, if they’ll beat Amazon.

4) Be discrete.  Don’t try to haggle view of  a bunch of other customers.  Isolate your target.

5) Be prepared to walk away.  If Best Buy won’t do it, I’ll try target next door. I don’t really have to have the I-Touch, right?

6) And most importantly, be polite.  If you aren’t friendly to someone , why would they hook you up?

For any big-ish purchases, whatever is the list price in the store isn’t the price you actually have to pay all the time.


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