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Fiscal Fitness = Personal Fitness (figuratively) January 5, 2010

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A conversation over coffee on a Monday morning led to a few thoughts.  Intriguingly, I was asked why I pursue what some would call “nitpicky” endeavors to save a few dollars since myself and my wife are financially sound.  Why the extra effort when you’re already in good financial shape?

In a gut reflex reaction, I responded, “If you’re in good shape would you stop exercising and eating right?”  Fiscal fitness and personal fitness really are the same, in that they draw on the same lesson about habit formation and continuation.  There’s a slippery slope in both forms to stopping good habits.

Not that one needs to obsess over such habits.  Aristotle found virtue in moderation, not in excess or deficiency.

The point being, those Stanley Millionaire Next Doors don’t just abandon their good fiscal habits when they’re “well off. ”  The whole point is that they stay well off because they maintain good fiscal habits.


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