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January 5, 2010

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Over here at Budgets are Sexy ,  folks are talking about moving to smaller banks.

As a former Bank Of America customer, I guess I’m a part of this movement.  Why did I move from a bank with ATMs on every corner to a local upstart bank (Plug:Cardinal Bank).  Well…

1) They treated me like a human being

2) They absolutely decimated Bank of America’s Home Equity Loan Interest Rate offer (8.75% vs. 6.74% at the time)

3) After our addition that #2 funded (which you can read about at GetRichSlowly.Org) they worked with us to refinance at an insanely low fixed rate .

4) They’re branches are not as busy, so I get better service.

5) And my money is just as safe with Cardinal as with BNA due to FDIC regs.

ATM access really isn’t a big deal if you plan well enough in advance, anyways.

So, to J Money, I say, try out your local bank


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