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What exactly is CoffeeCents? January 2, 2010

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Well, it’s one part madness, two parts brilliance.  Or the other way around.

In Virginia, a recent survey of high school students found that only 48% passed a financial literacy test.  There’s no doubt in my mind parents are not talking with their kids about money matters.  Heck, I wonder if married couples talk to each other, things got so bad!

In our society, talking about money matters is taboo.  You’re supposed to know how to handle money, and you certainly don’t want the Joneses to know that only your credit card is keeping up with them.

CoffeeCents is my small part in trying to change that.  Several times in the last few years I’ve informally gotten some people together to talk about simple money matters in short sessions.  Eventually, strangers begin to talk with other strangers.  I’ve always done these sessions at a coffeehouse.  In my mind, the coffeehouse is one of the last places where strangers talk to strangers about topics other than the weather.  It seemed a natural place to begin.

This spring the process gets more formalized.  Along with a fellowship at GeorgeTown University and Saxby’s Coffee, we will present a 4 session series based on what I call “SMART” personal finance.  The acronym alone took me a few days to think of.  Lame.

CoffeeCents will talk about personal finance basics, goal-setting, and mapping with 15 or so entreprenuerially minded college students.  We’ll record these sessions and post collectively on our blog.

That’s what’s in the cards, at least.


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