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Post Christmas Shopping December 26, 2009

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I don’t have much time today, given that the snow in DC has now turned to water and the yard is flooded to Biblical proportions (if one lived in mini-land, but you get my point)

In the previous post I spoke about “small wins” and how dedicated yourself to finding small wins and small gains doesn’t just save money, but also changes your habits so that you’re more aware of further opportunities for small wins.  I don’t think you gain this perspective if you solely focus on big wins.

One big (ha!) hesitancy I have with the big win philosophy is that the big win is often psychologically… looming like a mountain.  I’d guess that a larger proportion of personal finance issues are not money based, but person based.  So I’m always looking for the next small gain.

So here’s one:  The day after Christmas is an excellent time for Christmas shopping…next year.  I think most people know this.  but how good?

I like lighted lawn animals.  I also like different ones (variety is the spice of life).

Last year after Christmas we went by Lowe’s.  Their animals were half off.  Who buys Christmas animals after Christmas?  No one! That’s why they’re half off.  But I went further and haggled on the display models.  And we walked out of the store with several lawn animals for about 80% off what was paid just 2 days prior. My wife has just returned from discount ornament shopping…75% off.  If you’re going to spend money, understanding how timing can dramatically reduce your outlay is awesome sauce.

The short lesson here is that timing is everything.  Being aware of how timing can get you discounts pays off!

Now, I’m off to write New Year’s Cards.  Cause Cards are cheaper after Christmas.  And since everyone sends X-Mas cards, we can extend the holiday season for our friends!


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